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Jackass Skits

There was a very early idea to emulate the ‘Jackass’ series, make a funnier, less extreme English version which could be made in segments over the summer of 2011 and eventually edited together to make a feature length film… or close to a feature length film. Each skit was written out in a pad, and circled if it was a good idea, left blank if it wasn’t such a great idea, and loosely based around previous ‘Jackass’ things we had seen before. What’s very difficult about filming something with friends, especially at the age of 20, is that everybody has a day job, everybody has a profession, which means there is limited time to go and film something, only myself and Jack were actually Film related. And so organising times to meet up proved difficult, and ultimately too difficult, as will be explained later!

Anyway, there were a few different filming days, to be filmed outside on a Canon 600d (or in the first video inside on the Canon XL2), by myself or Jack, and trying to get whatever we had written down to relate to how funny we initially found the idea.

The crude content is something which was discussed, and although vulgar and repulsive, serve as a base for that next level between trying to be ‘Jackass’ and actually being as good as ‘Jackass’. To get people to laugh was the idea, and in a few of the videos, especially ones which involve vomit are the funniest. Had this been made in to a feature film, with each crew member having their own signature ‘skit’ i genuinely believe it would’ve been an excellent watch. Although, the most disappointing thing was probably the lack of overall commitment to do stunts in front of the camera, which was fair enough.

Jack’s Homemade Omelette

This has been sped up, as the overall version was 15 minutes long. I think this has high comedic value. The skit was designed to have people laughing in the room, as well as Jack talking to the camera. The eventual Pay off was to have someone eat the Omelette, which i tried and failed. this is one of the funniest videos we made, which eventually started us off to go and make more.

If You’re Gonna Be Dumb You Gotta Be Tough.

This video had everybody drink 17p lemonade as fast as possible and see what happens. As well as intercut it with everybody having fun. The way in which this is edited is fun, and to the music which is a good change of pace (although this wouldn’t be okay for distribution with the song). This is still a fun version and a summary of a day on the fields. There are a few low angle shots to record the vomit, as well as some good zooms in the early stages to give it that ‘homemade’ look to it whilst incorporating a professional looking edit.


The shocking video was something which was cut together very quickly, the lighting is low which unfortunately gives it some grain, but the edit in this keeps the pace going, whilst not being to fast you miss anything whilst laughing (was the plan)

Park Compilation

There were loads of ideas on the park to do little stuff, some was more impressive than others. This is the cut down everything cut together version, which isn’t as great as the first compilation on the field, but the pace is fast and some of the different angles and shots are nice. The camera is set up correctly to have the sky in clear blue, as well as exposing the subjects correctly, giving it a very professional look on the DSLR camera. The better skits were given a longer edit with a fade in at the beginning and a fade to black at the end, to be played randomly throughout the film, or to be additional extras on the DVD.


That gives you a sense of the idea with the skits, and although perhaps not the best camera work, it certainly fits the style of Jackass, and achieved what we initially set out to achieve, and that is to get people to laugh. (at us)

The final, and longer skit is the last thing we filmed for this Jackass project, unfortunately it was the end of summer and people were going off to do different things, although only a side project it’d be something i’d love to get finished and make in to a feature length film, or at the very least a TV episode.

Swing Run

Although due to limitations on the equipment front, everything being filmed by one camera, makes it difficult to intercut with reactions, however that has always been the plan is to have a multi-camera shoot which get’s the impact of a hit, or the splashing of sick from a different angle, something extra from a film point of view, as well as a viewing point of view.