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Final Year Project – An Investigation in to Sports Broadcasting.

My final year project wanted to focus on sports. I have been heavily involved in making all kinds of different comedy videos, music videos and various other ‘stylish’ looking videos, and i wanted a change of pace. I always like to think about what i haven’t done before, and test myself to try and do it. The problem with the whole final year project format at Staffordshire University is that you get 2 weeks to decide a title for your project which will run from September until April, and after that 2 week period the title of the project cannot be changed. Not once. Which sucks.

I wanted to make either a football tutorial video (like my first year film..but better) or use sport in a short film. Instead because i’d rushed in to the title i had to think of something else!! So being a keen golfer… Too keen some would say, I came up with the idea of creating a fictional golf broadcast, with 10minutes of highlights and 15 minutes of ‘as live’ footage.

Here is the final video. It was filmed over a 2 day period at Stafford Castle Golf Course.

Although it says ‘Miles Smith’ It’s me, as is the commentary. Which is unfortunate, but there wasn’t anybody around at time of filming (which were set by the golf course) besides the golfers.

Also wanted to do 3 cameras in the multi-camera broadcast setting, however it ended up only being 2 cameras. The graphics and the commentary pull the feature together however, and without a couple of big errors this is a piece of work i am proud to have made.