Flavour Of The Weak – End Of Days

Now, this has been a long time coming posting this to the website. I’ve been thinking a lot about how i would word what has turned out to be End Of Days last hurrah (at least, unless by some miracle the boys manage to get back together and give us a few more hits before the scene moves on from air banding) and i am failing to come up with words to type in to the keyboard. There is so much to be said about what makes this video so great, so flawed in places, so End Of Days. It’s the vision that myself, Jack and Jamie shared from day 1 air banding in my university room that first night when EoD was born.

The realisation of a dream.

Now this is without a doubt one of the greatest air band videos of all time. So just sit back, relax and enjoy what is currently the last EoD music video you are likely to see.

Flavour Of The Weak – End Of Days

Filmed with the help of Matthew Rushton and his friend Scotty Stephenson in Lancashire and beyond. What a fantastic day we had, early start, late finish. Great end result. Enjoy!

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A Little Respect #EoD

A Little Respect was long over due. It was a toss up between a few songs, but decided that Wheatus’ cover of A Little Respect fit the themes and values End Of Days holds dear to their hearts.

Basically University, and the entire 6 month summer away from each other made the making of a video difficult, as well as a little daunting. The thing End Of Days fears the most is the possibility of it not being liked or accepted by it’s fans, and so it took so long to come up with an idea which we were all happy with, and take End Of Days to that next level of Air banding at the same time. We don’t want to be a one trick pony, and we explore every possible route to make the videos funnier and more watchable each and every time.

The Sonic The Hedgehog theme actually arose upon the addition to some Sonic The Hedgehog themed pyjamas i acquired for Christmas (i have the plush toys also..) and it just rolled from there really. Without it trying to force laughs from the audience, and try too hard, we wanted the story to flow and build up from the start rather than have it’s ups and downs, and we believe collectively this is one of the better videos we made. And personally it’s probably my favourite video. Yes I have the starring role… and my acting isn’t great, but it was just such a good story, something as unbelievable as a gay love triangle between Sonic, Tails and myself just worked so well. It was the video we had all hoped for, and it put End Of Days back in to the public eye, and what eventually became the catalyst to End Of Days’ biggest hit to date – Flavour Of The Weak.

Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja #EoD

The Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja video came off the successful One Step Closer video. There are mixed feelings regarding this video, especially from the band itself. Here is my take on events surrounding SvDN.

We were offered by two University friends Rob and Dave to take a step back from our film making duties in this video, and concentrate on our performances, whilst they took control over the production side of things. Great we thought, it’s a chance for our first proper video to be made, hopefully resulting in even more views than the last video, but more importantly, a chance to make something decent and substantial. The day was cold, but it didn’t put us off from giving everything we had in to each and every take. We filmed at the train station car park in Stafford town, which was surprisingly quiet.. as though we had booked it out or something (which we hadn’t but we tell people we did obvs..). This meant the film had one location, and that was.. the station. Which again was disappointing, from an audiences point of view especially so.

The video does actually have a lot of life too it, and it is pretty neat in many ways, but it doesn’t really build on what One Step Closer (and The Middle) started, it is almost a step back, especially with some synching issues (which were out of our hands — Dave and Rob i don’t blame you.. but i do a little bit because you didn’t put enough effort in!!) but basically, although it’s a good video, and an awesome song. It wasn’t what EoD needed, and it was this video which put EoD off the map for a few months.. almost a year in fact. Until we eventually decided it wasn’t good to end it on this note, and it was back to having complete control over creativity in all future projects.

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One Step Closer

This video was the stepping stone to End Of Days success. It’s a fantastic example of what EoD is capable of.

The team sat down following the disappointment of The Middle, and wanted to find a faster song, something which could showcase their collective flamboyance and energy, a few songs had been touted as the next great, although after a few jam sessions, One Step closer seemed to fit the bill, and the team made exciting suggestions regarding the upcoming video too. ‘We could film that there’, ‘we could cut it fast with this’, a few of the suggestions made!

In terms of content, the ‘BREAK’ part in the song was the part where we added the infamous EoD comedy and humour(humor if you’re American). The constant chopping between different scenes and locations around the house was something fun to play about with.

The video itself was a big success, (compared to its predecessor) and left the band feeling a sense of fulfillment, and perhaps this air banding was starting to come across to it’s target audience. The decision to not be in charge of the next video ‘Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja’  however was made after an offer was given to the band.. one which they couldn’t help but refuse..

The Middle

We all wanted to make a proper music video, this was all mutually agreed upon, although we didn’t really know where to start, or how to make one properly. We realised pretty early on that most of the music videos out there essentially do what we do, besides the real guitars and drum kits etc.. but with a story. So we decided to not tell a story, as we weren’t taking credit for the song, we wanted to make it known we were there solely to mime it. We set up in a nicely scouted area, previously used for a first year ‘anonymous me’ project. The song was chosen (as they all are) by scrolling through iTunes, having a little jam, and deciding whether it feels right or not.

Although our first video which uses editing, and different shots, this is the least viewed video, and unfairly so too, as we felt it was a big step up in terms of production from the last video. There are probably a number of reasons for the lack of popularity towards this video. Perhaps the song isn’t very well liked, and perhaps people wanted us to not do edits and stick to doing full run throughs as this perhaps had been seen as taking it too seriously. We didn’t really know what to think, and considered not making any more…

In terms of the video itself it was our first effort at actually synchronising every shot, and it shows as there are a few bits where it doesn’t seem to be 100% correct, although this could easily of been my mistake due to being new to the miming business! As a group we were pleased with our first efforts at forwarding End Of Days as a brand, and although it became one of our biggest disappointments, it is a decent video still to this day.

I believe this was filmed on the Panasonic 151 (not 100% sure, however fairly certain!)

End Of Days – the Beginning

End Of Days.

Me Jack and Jamie were sat in my university bedroom listening to some songs, ones from our childhoods which we all knew (despite not knowing each other in childhood) which we all sang along to having a great time. We proceeded by throwing in some air guitaring and some air drumming – when i say air i mean not physically play an instrument – whilst getting in to the routine of Jamie Drumming, Jack on the guitar and me with the ‘microphone’. A considerable number of hours past, and whilst not knowing the temperature of the house, one can only assume it was hotter than it should have been. At the end of band practice we were all very sweaty and worked up, so i decided to film Jack on my phone whilst guitaring. Here is the video.

It was the very next day we decided to book out a camera from university and film ourselves as a band doing a song. Although there was no editing (besides the clicking of the ipod to press play) this proceeded for three videos, looking more at having a laugh rather than using this as an opportunity to make a music video.

Adams Song

Girl All The Bad Guys Want

Chop Suey

Having captured a lot of energy, and honing our skills playing air instruments it was here when the band decided it would take it’s next step in to the realm of making music videos.