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Insomnia 46 – Where is the all that footage?

At Insomnia 46 i took it upon myself to create a mockumentary following the fictional gaming team of Cheeky Little Nipple Gaming (

We competed in the Starcraft2 tournament, i personally got to play against Dignitas Dream, a professional player. The first time i’d ever had the chance to compete against somebody of this quality. I got battered obviously but it’s still an excellent experience, and something which i will always remember. Also filmed were segments involving Dan and Charles and their runs in the Starcraft2 tournament, all of us were in character too trying to make us seem like we were the real deal, and these defeats (although expected because we aren’t great) were crushing to us and BS and we were still the better players. We got some really funny stuff, and involving the tent sleeping situation on the first night which was also amusing. In fact there was a lot here to make a 5-15min video of which is watchable content.

Why isn’t there an edit online?


a) I have literally been too busy to do anything with that footage.

b) There wasn’t enough footage to make the documentary as good as I would’ve liked it.

c) I can’t be bothered to do anything with it.

Correct Answer:

b) There wasn’t enough footage to make the documentary as good as I would’ve liked it. (although i would’ve probably accepted c) as the answer)

Unfortunately for as much good stuff which was shot, there is equally a distinct lack of footage in other areas, which was bound to happen having only one person filming the goings on, as well as competing and starring in it myself!

FORTUNATELY though this isn’t a complete lost cause. As i was filming at Insomnia 47…… OR WAS I? It turned out me and Jack did so well in the FIFA tournaments (we entered 4 over the 4 days) we didn’t really have time to film anything. So my plan to integrate footage from this event with the last event were kind of in vain. But alas, all is not lost, the footage will be put online for all to see within the next few months, edited or not. It’s funny to watch, and it’s something I wish to share with the world.

Insomnia 44

This isn’t really a piece of work, it’s more filming with my friends and just seeing what we could do with the Canon 550D. Something between us really, however the idea to make another one, this time with more footage, more direction, something to make it more interesting for an audience at Insomnia 46 is the big plan!