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Alan Partridge

I’m going to put this on the Acting and Comedy page. Although a lot of my videos are a mixture of different things, it’s worthy to note again this video has no video quality to it, in fact it’s probably not even funny. Judging by the scathing reviews on YouTube it would suggest this video is entirely the opposite of funny. It has about 23,000 views however so something must be right about it! Me and Jamie released this as soon after the release of the first episode of Alan Partridge we could, which left us literally no time to learn the lines which is why we are a little bit lapsed, but still, it’s not that bad of an effort is it ?

2 Girls 1 Finger Reaction Video HD

Ok, so everybody has seen a reaction video before, fair enough. It’s a nice change of pace however seeing one on a Canon 600d with a 15-55mm lens. Although only one shot, and cinematically it means nothing it’s a funny video nevertheless, where we get to witness Jack gagging like a hero. A quick point of note, don’t go and watch 2 girls 1 finger if you have a weak stomach. It’s pretty foul.