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The Empire Of The Sun

In this film I voice over the Documentary. Although i’m physically not in it presenting I still feel as though my voice contributes to the piece.

Film made by Jack Cummins for his Final Year Project feature.

Alan Partridge

I’m going to put this on the Acting and Comedy page. Although a lot of my videos are a mixture of different things, it’s worthy to note again this video has no video quality to it, in fact it’s probably not even funny. Judging by the scathing reviews on YouTube it would suggest this video is entirely the opposite of funny. It has about 23,000 views however so something must be right about it! Me and Jamie released this as soon after the release of the first episode of Alan Partridge we could, which left us literally no time to learn the lines which is why we are a little bit lapsed, but still, it’s not that bad of an effort is it ?

Golf Film

Golf Film

This time working from a script, i was required to pretty much play golf, it was then inter-cut with me talking about that specific round.

Working With Richard Cullen

Working With Richard Cullen

The original was created on my mobile phone, was then remade on a panasonic 151 by Richard Cullen for entry in to a Comedy Short Film competition. I presume we didn’t win however.

Working With Richard Cullen – Remake

The video was great fun, we all improvised both videos, and just ran with the ideas we all had.


36 Hours The Movie

36 Hours The Movie

The video itself was a project by Dan Creeber, which involved three teams of three competing to travel as far as possible on a budget of £0.

I was on team 1 with the producer, filmed over a 3 day period. Filming everything was a new experience and was fun, it was a huge adventure for everybody involved, but by the end i think everybody was ready to go home. The film was shown at the Electric Cinema in Birmingham.